Lakehead Tugboats Inc.

Operating in the port of Thunder Bay (originally under the name Gravel & Lake Services) since 1933, Lakehead Tugboats has been owned and operated by the Lecuyer family since 1985. Since the opening of the St. Lawrence seaway in 1959, allowing sea going vessels to enter the great lakes, we have been providing ship assist services to all types of commercial vessels. Lakehead Tugboat’s experience, professionalism and our commitment to service, safety and the environment, along with our 24 hour dispatch service, have allowed us to develop long standing relationships with the largest companies that operate in the Great Lakes and Eastern Canada


Lakehead Tugboats Inc. has had a long standing presence in the port of Thunder Bay, since founding parent company Gravel & Lake Services Ltd.’s start in 1933.  Operating initially across a broad range of marine industries including timber and marine transportation, the operational focus changed in 1959, with the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, to its present focus on providing safe, reliable ship assist to domestic and international shipping companies operating in the great lakes.

24 Hour Dispatch: 1-807-473-7821